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My company (around 300 users) is looking for a possible solution to search through the contents of users Outlook PST files. The files are in various locations on our network. As we have far too much data on our network (around 200GB), it would take a long time for FileLocator to do a search on the network to first of all discover the the PST files before even searching them for the content. I am wondering if it is possible for FileLocator to search though a list of files/paths that we have stored in a text file.

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1 Answer

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Yes, you can either specify the files directly in the Look In field eg.

Look In: M:\User1\Archive.pst;M:\User2\Archive.pst

Or you can specify the files in a text file, e.g.


And then point to that text file in the Look In field by prefixing the file with an '=' sign, e.g.

Look In: =C:\My\ArchiveList.txt
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