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Can FileLocator Lite/Pro search inside files that lack a file extension? I have a series of files generated by another program that originated in the Unix world that doesn't use file extensions. I would like to be able to search inside them, treating the contents as plain text. Copernic Desktop Search can't do this, according to their support staff. Can FileLocator help?

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1 Answer

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Sure, FileLocator Pro doesn't require any extension on a file for it to be searchable. To search all files WITHOUT an extension you can search for:

File name: *.

Related question:

Find files beginning with a period

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This looks like it's only to find files that end with a period.  Is there a way to find files that do not have a period in them?
This will find files that do not have an extension, but would find files that start with a period. If you want to find files without ANY period use: <*.