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FileLocator Lite/Agent Ransack finds my docx files by a containing text:

File name: *.docx
Containing text: northwind

However it can't find any docm, dotm or dotx files by a containing text.

File name: *.docm
Containing text: northwind

"Found 0 items" Although file DOES exist!

But if I change (just for testing) the extension from docm to docx, than file is found!

So, how do I force FileLocator Lite to search for docm etc.?

BTW: MS iFilter Pack is installed.

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1 Answer

0 votes

Updated for 2016 versions

Agent Ransack 2016 will use all available IFilters installed on the computer, which should include .docm files. Older versions of the product only supported a limited set of IFilters.

What file formats do your products search?

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This behavior seems to be inconsistent. Sometimes I get hits and sometimes I don't (on searching .docm files).

It's not that FileLocator Lite won't find matches in docm files it's just that it won't use IFilters to search them. The text might be in the raw data.