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0 votes

When I try to filter the files with the expression


It should allow: E.G. Example - Matching should work.txt

But it should not allow: I.E. Another example - This is ok - but now it should fail.txt

--------------- Regular expression breakdown -------------------
'  Beginning of line or string
'  Any character in this class: [\w\s.], one or more repetitions
'  Match expression but don't capture it. [\s-\s]
'      \s-\s
'          Whitespace
'          -
'          Whitespace
'  Any character that is NOT in this class: [-], any number of repetitions
by (20 points)

Can you provide a description of what you're trying to find? It looks like you're trying to find all files with a single '-' in their name, is that correct?

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