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0 votes

After having done a search I almost always click on the hits column to sort my items by hits:
From the largest number of hits to the lowest number of hits.

I noted that there is no possibility in filelocator pro to sort by default, by hits or date.
Can that be added in a new release?

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1 Answer

0 votes

There is already an item about retaining sort options for dates so I'll make sure this is appended to it.

The main problem with this feature is that results are not smoothly added to the bottom but are constantly inserted throughout the list as rows are inserted at their proper sort adjusted locations, which can be a little disorientating if you're working with the results while the search is still running. However, this has been requested several times so it's moving up the Issue Tracker priority rankings.

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Same problem for hits isn't it? I've seen in the past that other software updates the list at the end but you're right it can be frustrating if you working with the results while the search is running and the file afterwards has been moved up or moved down. However, now when the search is so fast this problem is maybe less important. Normally I wait till the search has ended. You could maybe also mark the currently active file p.e. making the name bold in this way the file is easy to recognize after a move up/down. I find it difficult sometimes to see in which file I'm searching.