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Today I have downloaded the Agent Ransack developed by your company and run several tests. The tool has really fascinated me after a long time of looking for an acceptable search engine. Agent Ransack is fast and doesn't overload the HD with "tails", easy in use, enabled with a convenient Help file. It searched also among files whose extensions are not given in the list presented in the Help (including search by content).

Unfortunately, I couldn't use the tool when searching among *.djvu files when searching by content. Taking into account the wide spread of *.djvu files among documents, books, and papers available via Internet, I would like to ask you, does there exist a way to search (contextually) among *.djvu files using Agent Ransack" or not. What about FileLocator Pro?

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1 Answer

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The DjVu format is a heavily compressed composite format so a regular (Agent Ransack) binary data search won't work. However, there is a DjVu IFilter recommended from the DjVu downloads page which can be used by FileLocator Pro to read DjVu files. The Caminova IFilter is available here:


However, that won't work for multi-file DJVU files (e.g. using djbz files). Instead if you have a program installed that can convert a DJVU file to text you can setup a custom extension instead. Here's an example created by FileLocator Pro customer using DjVuLibre:

Save this file to your plugin_cfg folder as djvu.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<InterpreterConfig xmlns="http://www.mythicsoft.com/FileLocator">
    <setup>"C:\DjVuLibre\djvutxt.exe" "$(InputFile)" "$(OutputFile)"</setup>

Then check that it appears in the Configuration->Extensions Settings and confirm that 'Use Indexing Service Filter' is unchecked. That should be it.

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