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My PC is connected to a UNIX network, and I can access all the files on my UNIX system as it is mapped to my N: drive. Therefore I might have a file N:\filename.txt or a folder n:\foldername. A number of UNIX folders have a dot as their first character, e.g. N:\.tempfiles and I would really like to exclude these from my searches. I've found the persistent search filter functionality but I'm not sure how to set it up.

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1 Answer

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If you just want to exclude ANY folder which starts with a '.' then you're looking to exclude the pattern '\.', ie any folder path which includes a '.' preceeded by the path separator '\', which you do with the filter:


This can be tested in the Look In field by setting the expression type to Plain Text and applying a location filter, e.g.

Excluding folder

If you want that location filter to permanently apply to all searches then add -\. as a persistent filter:

Hidden filter

Drive specific filter

If you want it to only apply to searches on the 'N' drive then it's a little more complicated. You'd need to specify the filter as a regex, e.g. test with


Then if that's what you want add a Regular Expression persistent filter of:


Drive specific filter

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