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We have established that win flpro is searching large archive files (zip, etc...) it is using the user profile to 'unpack' these archives, possibly causing the user profile to fill up eventually. Is there a way to change this default behaviour and let FLPRO unpack these archive files in a directory of choice?

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1 Answer

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For each instance of FileLocator Pro a temporary folder is created where all requests for temporary storage are directed. The location for this folder is defined by the Win API call GetTempPath. If you want to change the location that the files are extracted to you'd need to have the GetTempPath API function return a different folder.

Why do you want temporary files for only this process redirected to a separate folder and not all temporary files?

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There is no problem redirection the temp and tmp env. variables. Now the only thing left is to figure out how to change these for all users as this is a multi user environment.
Thanks for your answer. Very helpful indeed !!!