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0 votes

I'm using command line

FileLocatorPro.exe -d r: -o "d:\search\TESTresults.txt" -oc -oft -pc -f "*.doc; *.docx; *.xls; *.xlsx; *.ppt; *.pptx; *.htm; *.html; *.pdf" -s

no matter the combination of -oc -of? -ol ?? switches I still can't get the output file to list the lines where the searched strings appear.
I just get a list of the files.


asked by (30 points)

1 Answer

0 votes

You appear to be missing the content part of the search, eg

-c "term" 

If you don't search by content you'll only get the file names returned.

answered by (66.9k points)

okay, many thanks, this is true, unfortunately the search string criteria is 115 stings, when I placed them after -c it gave an error. If did not like OR between the distinct strings I've worked out I can save the search criteria as a file and use this with just the output parameters in the command line

FileLocatorPro.exe search.srf -o d:\output.txt -ofc