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I have long used your products (thank you) but I have encountered a problem with Windows 8. Agent Ransack works OK using the usual GUI but won't work from a command line in a Batch file. Here's what I'm running:

"C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\AgentRansack\AgentRansack.exe" /o "c:\tempood.txt" /ofb /d "C:\data" /s 
REM c:\tempood.txt is the output file 
REM c:\data is directory being searched

and here's what I get:

Search was not successful.  Failure during CCmdLineSearch::search

This worked just fine in Windows7 but not Win 8. I have also tried FileLocator Pro but this fails with the same message. Help!

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The problem is almost certainly that you're writing to a location that requires special privileges. Windows 8 normally restricts writing to the root of the Windows drive. Instead of writing to "C:\tempood.txt" try writing to somewhere you KNOW you can write to, e.g. "C:\Users\me\Documents\tempood.txt"

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