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After doing a search with FLP (FileLocator Pro), I sort by one of the columns, then the number of hits reduces to 20 if it was more than 20, and I see only 20 lines in the Hits tab with "...additional lines truncated"

I then tried to do the search, and without sorting, I did an Export Results, but again everything was truncated to just 20 hits.

This did not happen with FLL (FileLocator Lite).

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1 Answer

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If FileLocator Pro starts taking up large amounts of memory it will run through stored results and start truncating the lines. The work on this was described in a blog post: FileLocator Pro and Large Searches

FiLeLocator Pro v7 has several options to control this:

Memory Manager

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When you say, "without any previous searches in memory", what does that mean? Close FLP and reopen, then search?

Or, just close the search window. It's easy to forget that FileLocator Pro remembers old searches (up to a default of 20), which can soon eat up memory.

Still happening. I was only able to do what I needed with FileLocator Lite (FLL), which is somewhat odd, but it's easy enough for me to have both FLL and FLP installed.

I will say that this is a rather large search.
Over 14K files searched, 503 files hit totally over 35 MB, and over 578K lines hit

FLL did "pause" for several minutes while it copied everything to the Clipboard. The output was over 30 MB.

FLP7 solved this.