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I am planning to upgrade to Office 2013 soon, which adds support for the Office Open XML Strict profile and ODF (Open Document Format) v1.2. I cannot find the Office 2013 IFilter pack though. Will Agent Ransack and FileLocator Lite/Pro be able to search through these files properly?

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1 Answer

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Office 2013 should install the appropriate IFilter to handle those file types.

We installed the 32-bit version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 on Windows 8 Pro x64 and IFilters were installed for both 32-bit AND 64-bit applications. The IFilters covered all the usual office formats (e.g. doc, docx, xls, xlsx) but also for ODF formats, such as odt and ods.

64-bit Filters

32-bit Filters

The IFilters were tested using 64-bit FileLocator Pro and included tests on normal DOCX files and also DOCX files saved in *Strict Open XML Document (.docx)** format.

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Yes, but I was still planning to go with the 32-bit version of Office (no use for the 64-bit version yet), so where might I obtain the 64-bit IFilters from to go along with the 64-bit versions of your products?

Updated answer with extra info.

Good to know, thank you.