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I've got a directory containing hundreds of archive files (zip and rar). Some of these archives contain .pdf files, and I need to search these archives.

FileLocator Pro is configured with all compressed file types enabled. I've tried entering *.zip;*.rar in the File name field and entering .pdf in the Containing text field, e.g.

File name:       *.zip;*.rar
Containing Text: .pdf
Look in:         C:\MyArchives

but this didn’t work. Is there some way I can accomplish this with FLP?

As an aside, your product and support are top-notch. Highly recommended!

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1 Answer

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Your search problem is a very common mistake. Basically as it stands you're instructing FileLocator Pro to look for .zip and .rar files and not .pdf files inside ZIP files.

When compressed file types are switched ON FileLocator Pro treats the compressed files, e.g. ZIP files, as sub folders within the folder. So if you just want to search for PDF files then you specify it just as you would if you were searching a normal folder, e.g.

File name:       *.pdf
Containing text: 
Look in:         C:\MyArchives

FileLocator Pro will search though the zip files as if they are subfolders of their parent directory.

If you wish to limit which ZIP files are searched you specify that using the Look In field, again just as you would if you wanted to limit a search to the sub folder of a parent folder. So, for example, to search inside ONLY zip files you would use a location filter like this:

Searching just zip files

The location filter +.zip basically says 'Only search paths with .zip in them'. If you wanted to expand the search to include RAR files you'd change the filter to be a Boolean expression and combine the two, e.g.

Look In: C:\MyArchives;+:bool:.zip OR .rar

If you just wanted to search inside a single zip file you would put the whole path in the Look In field, e.g.

Look In: C:\MyArchives\Docs2012.zip

Note: The different compressed file types can be switched on in the Compressed Files tab, e.g. to switch ON zip searching check the ZIP box

alt text

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Thank you, that makes perfect sense!

Just what I was looking for. I didn't realize that I could leave 'Containing text' blank and it would match all files. Cool!