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I have a number of file directories with 10-25K files in each. I have a list of up to 300 phrases, between 25 and 100 characters each, that might appear in the filenames of the files in one of those directories, and I have to form a subdirectory from the files whose names contain any of those phrases. How do I do that in FileLocator Pro?

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1 Answer

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Save your keywords/phrases to a text file, putting each keyword/phrase on a new line, e.g.

Keyword list in Notepad++

Then refer to that file in the File name field, prefixing the file name with an '=', e.g.

Referencing file list in FileLocator Pro

When you run the search the keywords will be loaded from the file and used to search the specified location.

Important: If you're having problems making this work check that the File List functionality has been switched on in the Configuration->Advanced->File List Settings.

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