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I'm searching some very large log files for a specific event and I need to see the preceding ten seconds of events, which can be in the thousands of events. FileLocator Pro limits the number of surrounding lines to a maximum of 99, can this be made larger?

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1 Answer

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The 99 max is purely arbitrary (it could be 99999) but it's in place to help the user avoid crippling the search performance. The next major version of FileLocator Pro removes this limit but you can actually change it yourself now by editing the config.xml file directly:

  1. Go to the Configuration->Advanced->Folders Settings and open the config file location
  2. Close FileLocator Pro
  3. Open config.xml in notepad
  4. Find SurroundLinesBefore and change the n='2' value to whatever you want, e.g. n='3000'

    <SurroundLinesBefore n="3000"/>

  5. Run FileLocator Pro

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