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It's a small thing, but it sure would be handy: I've been using Agent Ransack for a couple of months, and to show my appreciation for what is a terrific product, I bought a copy of File Locator Pro.

I install File Locator Pro and removed Agent Ransack.

Is there a way for me to transfer my previous "history" and config information (like previous file lists and search strings) from Agent Ransack to File Locator Pro.

It's not a huge deal, but after a few months, all my common search paths are already "known" by Agent Ransack... and that saves me a ton of typing.

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It involves a little bit of work but you can copy the configuration and history files from Agent Ransack into FileLocator Pro.

Find your Agent Ransack config files which will either be in:

C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\Agent Ransack\config



Then simply copy the config.xml and history.xml into FileLocator Pro's config folder (go Configuration->Advanced->Folders to find the config folder).

I'll add an Issue Tracker item for automatically doing that in future.

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Yay! Thanks... Funny. I didn't expect the config files to be in the "Program Files" path for Agent Ransack and in the AppData path for FileLocator Pro, so that's what I was missing. Thanks for such a speedy and helpful answer!