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I wonder if you could explain an issue I am having with Filelocator Pro.

I am trying to search my whole file system for files containing certain search strings, I am using OR to separate them – I am happy and confident it has found them, however it doesn’t return files that have a filename of the this search string.

For example.

If I had a directory of 4 files called:

Val1.txt – Contains Test1 string. Val2.txt – Contains Test2 string. Val3.txt – Contains Test3 string. Val4.txt – Contains Test4 string.

If I were to search for Val1 OR Test2 OR Test4

I would expect to see the following results:

Val1.txt Val2.txt Val4.txt

But I am not, I am only seeing

Val2.txt Val4.txt

It’s ignoring the file with the name in the text string.

Am I missing something in the options?


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2 Answers

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Update: Yes, the file name is included in the search but only for FileLocator Pro v7 or higher. More information here:

Earlier versions of FileLocator Pro (6.5 or lower) do not include the file name as part of the content.

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I too would like this option. However, I suspect that the algorithm for matching a filename might typically need to be more relaxed then for matching content. For example, the "whole word" criterion for content might be essential to avoid large number of false positives, yet when that word is incorporated into a filename it might not be separated from surrounding words. Not sure how to solve this... two independent sets of criteria for content and for filenames seems overkill.

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The feature IS actually in for v7. If the feature is switched on a line '0', the file name, is added to the document and searched along with all the other text. The UI clears up the line '0' so the highlighting occurs on the file name not the fake line.