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I have jpg files named:

2013-00043-MD-0 Howard Street Bridge, Baltimore.jpg
2013-00043-MD-0-M1 Howard Street Bridge, Baltimore.jpg
2013-00043-MD-0-M1a Howard Street Bridge, Baltimore.jpg
2013-00043-MD-0-M2 Howard Street Bridge, Baltimore.jpg
2013-00043-MD-0-M3 Howard Street Bridge, Baltimore.jpg

I searched for all file names containing "-0 ", expecting to find only 1 file, but Agent Ransack finds ALL 5 files in the folder.

If I change the 1st space in the name to "~", the same search gives the same result.

Is the trailing space causing the problem? How should I do this search?

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1 Answer

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Good question. To avoid accidental (and frustrating) user errors Agent Ransack trims any leading or trailing spaces from the File name field. It assumes they were a mistake. To tell Agent Ransack (or FileLocator Pro for that matter) that you actually want those spaces use the * wildcard character. The wildcard character matches anything but, most importantly, preserves any leading/trailing space, e.g.

-0 *

Or if your search includes a leading space:

* -0 *
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