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I'm trying to search through RTF files but the text returned is gibberish or just doesn't work. What's going wrong?

RTF Problem

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1 Answer

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The problem is due to an incorrect setting for the RTF IFilter. On some Microsoft Office installs Word takes ownership of the .rtf file format but doesn't actually accept the file format when used in IFilter mode. You can verify this is the problem by opening Configuration and looking in the IFilter list. If the 'Microsoft Office Persistent Handler' is registered for RTF files then you have an incorrect setup:

Incorrect RTF setting

To fix this you'll need to re-register the RTF IFilter. From an Administrator command prompt type:

regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\rtffilt.dll

If successful you should get a message saying 'DllRegisterServer in C:\Windows\System32\rtffilt.dll succeeded.'. Re-open FileLocator Pro and look at the IFilter configuration. It should should now report something like 'rtf persistent handler' against the rtf file type.

Correct RTF setting

RTF file searching should now work (assuming that you have activated Office/PDF document searching in the Options tab).

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