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We plan on deploying FileLocator Pro via Microsoft Active Directory and Group Policies. Does your installer come as a .MSI file? And if so, is there a way to automatically register the software on all of our client workstations?

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1 Answer

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Yes, FileLocator Pro is available as an MSI installation file, available from the FileLocator Pro download page. When deploying FileLocator Pro in an Enterprise environment there are two methods to distribute the registration information during the install:

1. Using the REG_DETAILS property

The REG_DETAILS property is an '=' separated list of registration information in the format firstname=lastname=email=regcode, e.g.

msiexec /i "E:\filelocator_x64_2946.msi" REG_DETAILS="Abc Widgets=Corp=admin@abcwidgets.com=a368de61..."

You can also use the LANG_FILE property to specify the language file to use, e.g.


2. Using a flpro_reg.xml file

If you add a file called flpro_reg.xml in the source folder (ie same folder as MSI) the installer will read that and apply it to the install. The format for the flpro_reg.xml is:


And so using the information from your registration email should look something like:

	<firstname>Abc Widgets</firstname>

Note: If your registration details show just a single 'Name' value you'll need to break that down into two separate values, 'First name' and 'Last name'. Simply take the last name as the very last group of characters, e.g.

Name: Abc Widgets Corp

translates to:

First name: Abc Widgets
Last name: Corp
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