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I'd like to install Agent Ransack for a large number of our users. Is it possible to run the Agent Ransack install in an 'unattended' mode, ie without any message boxes?

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Yes, the MSI files to install Agent Ransack or FileLocator Lite in unattended/silent install mode are available on the download page:

The MSI files are self contained and support all the msiexec switches, such as

	Quiet mode, no user interaction
	Unattended mode - progress bar only
	Sets user interface level
	n - No UI
	b - Basic UI
	r - Reduced UI
	f - Full UI (default)

Supporter's license

If you do not wish for your end-users to be presented with the 'License Type' dialog you need a Business or Enterprise Supporter's license.

Lite Mode

By purchasing a supporter's license you help Mythicsoft cover the cost of supporting and developing the product. It's a small price to pay for something that obviously adds value.

A supporter's license can be purchased here:

Agent Ransack - Registration

FileLocator Lite - Registration

Note: FileLocator Lite and Agent Ransack use the same registration code scheme and so can be used interchangeably.

More information

When deploying Agent Ransack in a business environment there are two methods to distribute the registration information during the install:

1. Using the REG_DETAILS property

The REG_DETAILS property is an '=' separated list of registration information in the format:


msiexec /i AgentRansack_x64_3335.msi REG_DETAILS="Abc Widgets Corp=admin@abcwidgets.com=a368d..."

2. Using an install_reg.xml file

If you add a file called install_reg.xml (or flpro_reg.xml) in the source folder (ie same folder as MSI) the installer will read that and apply it to the install. The format for the file is:


And so using the information from your registration email should look something like:

	<name>Abc Widgets Corp</name>

Important: If your registration details show just a 'First name' and 'Last name' combine the two to create a single name. e.g.

First name: Abc Widgets
Last name: Corp

translates to:

Name: Abc Widgets Corp
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