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I notice that the latest version of FileLocator Pro supports French and German. Can I translate it into another language? Do you offer complimentary licenses in return for translation files?

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And if i install portable version where i can find this lang-en.xml file?
In portable version this language files is missing and it's annoying when every time start program because there is no language to select.

This bug has been fixed in v6.5 Build 1324 or higher.

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Yes you can. Follow these steps:

  1. Copy the current lang-en.xml file as the starting point for your translation file lang-??.xml, located in the installed config folder C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\FileLocator Pro\config
  2. Edit your translation file lang-??.xml using a product like Notepad++
  3. Translate the strings
  4. In FileLocator Pro open the Configuration->General->Localization dialog and pick your language (which is automatically loaded from all lang-*.xml files and based on the <translation lang="????" helplang="en"> line - where ???? specifies the displayed language name).

Things to keep in mind:

  • The file must be kept in UTF-8 format.
  • & indicates the Alt short-cut key for the item, e.g. text="&File" marks the F as the Alt short-cut key.
  • FileLocator Pro uses the value of helplang to identify the help file location, e.g. if helplang="ru" it will look for the help file in the help\ru folder. The value can point to a different language than the actual translation language, eg you can have English help on a Polish translation.
  • String resources can be either text or regex. Most are text and are treated literally. Any marked as regex are matched as a regular expression.
  • It can be difficult to know how or where a translation is used. Please do not hesitate to contact Tech Support for more information.
  • If you'd like a complimentary FileLocator Pro license in return for translating please contact Mythicsoft before you start translating.

Date/Time handling:

Resources 400-414 are use for parsing date/time input:

<res id="400" regex="start" />         <!-- As in Start of the week -->
<res id="401" regex="today" />         <!-- The current day the search is started -->
<res id="402" regex="now" />           <!-- The current time the search is started -->
<res id="403" regex="s.*" />           <!-- Seconds, e.g. 3s is a valid truncation of 3secs -->
<res id="404" regex="mi.*" />          <!-- Minutes -->
<res id="405" regex="mo.*" />          <!-- Months -->
<res id="406" regex="h.*" />           <!-- Hours -->
<res id="407" regex="d.*" />           <!-- Days -->
<res id="408" regex="w.*" />           <!-- Weeks -->
<res id="409" regex="y.*" />           <!-- Years -->

<!-- Relative Date - can be something like "Today" or "Start of this week" or "Start wk" -->
<res id="410" regex="\b(today)|(start|end) *(?: +(?:the|of|this))* +(w|mo|y)[a-z]*" />

<!-- Relative Time - can be something like "Now" or "Start of the day" or "Start day" -->
<res id="411" regex="\b(now)|(start|end) *(?: +(?:the|of|this))* +(mi|h|d)[a-z]*" />

<!-- Date adjustment - can be something like "+ 2 Days" or "+2d" -->
<res id="412" regex="([+-]) *([0-9]+) *(d|w|mo|y)[a-z]*" />

<!-- Time adjustment - can be something like "+ 2 Hours" or "+2h" -->
<res id="413" regex="([+-]) *([0-9]+) *(s|mi|h)[a-z]*" />

<!-- Absolute time - can be something like "9pm" or "9:14:23"-->
<res id="414" regex="\b[0-9]+(?: *(am|pm)|(?:[:][0-9]+)+) *(am|pm)?\b" />
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