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I need to search to emails in an OST file from a certain domain and export the results into a spreadsheet that lists the following columns: to,from,date sent,attachment, ETC.

Is this possible? Windows Search can do it, but it won't export anything.

FYI - Win7 64 with Office 32 bit and FileLocator Pro (Trial) 64.

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1 Answer

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I'm afraid FileLocator Pro doesn't yet support showing email header information in the file list, and therefore can't directly export it as individual columns either. However, you can export found text as a column so you might be able to achieve what you want searching for something like:

"emaildomain.com" AND REGEX "(To|From|Sent|Attachments):.*"

That would output the information you want as part of the result. You could then export it using something similar to this:

Q:Hit summary as part of the exported results?

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