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Having some trouble with finding simple text/strings within openoffice files .odt.

I have ransack version :-
Release Build 762 - 2010.03.29.47911
Have options set on "Office Formats" within Enhanced Searching.

Win XP, sp3
openoffice version 3.4.0

For older openoffice files I can search for a simple string like "fred" using filename *.odt and Containing Text fred and it will find the document. When I create a new odt file and repeat the search it will not find the string. If I save the new .odt file as a .doc Word 2003 format it will find the doc and string.

Very frustrating. I seem to remember on previous versions of Ransack I had to install some kind of plugin to have it search .odt files but can't remember where I got that or if it is even needed. If anyone has info on that would be appreciated.


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Are you using 64-bit Windows?

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Agent Ransack uses the ODT IFilter, usually installed when OpenOffice is installed, to read ODT files. A few quick things to check:

  1. The file isn't locked (try searching with OpenOffice closed)
  2. You're using the latest version of OpenOffice
  3. The file isn't password protected

If it still fails send a sample file to tech support and they'll have a look at it for you.

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