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I installed FileLocator Pro Portable on a 64-k Windows 7 machine today,for use at work, where I don't have executive privilage. It works well.
My home PC is a 32-k XP machine, where I logon using multiple accounts, for different privilage and defaults.
Can I buy a single key for both download sizes, or must I use the smaller size on the bigger machine?
Will I be able to use the same key for all accounts on the XP hard drive , or must I instal to a USB drive?

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All versions of FileLocator Pro (64bit, 32bit, portable, desktop) use the same registration algorithm. Here's the official line on multiple installs:
Can I install FileLocator Pro on my desktop PC and laptop with a single license?

Basically, if you're the only person using it you're fine with a single license.

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