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Using File Locator Pro, Version 6.0

I have been looking for a method to search (using Reg Ex, or Dos Expression) for either,
1) Folders and files of a certain name , or
2) Folders of a certain name.

I have tried,
a) NOT file name (any text)
b) Attributes - Folder "on"
c) All options off, just searching for text.

Why doesn't option c) show files AND folders? I can't get the software to find ANY folders at all.

Can someone suggest a solution how to do this?

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FileLocator Pro v7 or higher

To search for ONLY folders select the 'Folders Only' option from the File name preset list and then specify the name of the folder in the File Name field, e.g.:

Folders Only

FileLocator Pro v6.5 or lower

The 'File name' field should match against any file or folder name. Here's an example of searching for the word 'system':

Folders and files found

As you say you can restrict the list to just Folders by setting the 'Folder' attribute to 'On' in the Attributes tab:

Folder attribute

If you're experiencing different results then try performing a quick 'clean' search just to make sure FileLocator Pro is working properly:

  1. Click the menu option File->New Blank Search
  2. Enter a simple search term for ONLY the File name field, e.g. system
  3. Run the search

If you still find that FileLocator Pro is not finding folders please post a screen shot or contact technical support with more information.

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Figured out what was wrong.

I must have accidentally clicked on the File Size '>' Greater Than button which was set to a default size of '0'

I just noticed that it was bold, not gray'd out. When I disabled it, now the folders are showing up in the results.