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This is what help provides for AgentRansack.

AgentRansack.exe [saved search] | -o [output file] | -of? | -d [folder name] | -c [containing text] | -f [file name] | -cm | -fm | -s | -fd | -fx | -cr | -pa | -po | -ma [datetime] | -mb [datetime] | -h | -?

Can you provide any examples for AgentRansack to pass a date for -ma? Something like this?

AgentRansack.exe MyCriteria.srf -r -ma "2012-08-01"

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1 Answer

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You can use many different formats. Your OS settings will define what's acceptable, e.g. on Win 7 UK edition Windows here are just some of the valid formats:

-ma "20 june 2012"    
-ma "20/6/2012"  
-ma "20/6/12"  

Since what's acceptable can vary according to machine I recommend using your reverse date format if you want to use the command line on different machines, e.g.

-ma "2012-06-20"

If you want to load settings from a SRF file AND provide values at the command prompt you need to also include the -po switch, e.g.

agentransack.exe MySearch.srf -po -ma "2012-06-20"
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I was missing the -po option. Many thanks.