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I use this software primarily for searching through PST files for lawyer related requests during lawsuits. The software works perfectly for this because you can drag and drop all the text files/attachments into a folder and send it off.

I have noticed, however, that there are either bad attachments or some other issue that causes the drag & drop to not export all the files.

It seems like it hits an attachment or some other file and just STOPS. Sometimes 800 items that are dragged only drag out 4-5 files. When I go down the list, it seems one of the files can't be dragged out (nothing happens after you drag out). Skipping the file and selecting others fixes the problem until the next file is hit. What am I doing wrong, or is this a bug?

Also, if you have a large number of found files, selecting them all crashes the app.

Please help

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Does this only happen on attachments or any emails? Are the PSTs in use at the time you're searching them?

Which version of FileLocator Pro are you using? The latest version will send a crash report to Mythicsoft, which will allow them to debug the error.

1 Answer

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Following receipt of a crash report regarding this issue we've identified the problem and uploaded a fix (6.2 Build 1263):

FileLocator Pro Download Page

Technical Information

The problem was due to the length of the file names generated from emails. If the file name exceeded 260 characters the receiving buffer couldn't handle it. Since FileLocator Pro uses Microsoft's Secure CRT functions this buffer overflow causes the app to shut-down for safety reasons. This same problem would also cause a crash in the Thumbnail View.

The problem could affect all composite file types but mainly manifested itself with PST files since multi-level nested attachments meant that email based file names could quite easily exceed the maximum length.

The drag/drop not working issue is also related to long file names. If the file's new total path name exceeded 255 characters the copy would silently fail. Files are now truncated to 130 characters on drag/drop operations therefore as long as the path to the target folder does not exceed 125 characters the drag/drop should succeed.

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