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The BHO is enabled in IE, but using the shortcuts always brings up explorer search...

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Have you restarted the computer since enabling the Ctrl+F functionality? Is this Agent Ransack or FileLocator Pro?

Yes, I have restarted since. I am using Agent Ransack. The BHO is still enabled in IE.

Could this problem be due to the fact that I have added a reg entry to enable search item in context menu?
I added;


so I could right-click and search a folder...

It shouldn't matter.

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Please check that you've enabled 3rd party extensions in IE:

Enable third-party browser extensions

If that wasn't checked you'll need to reboot for the setting to take effect in Explorer (or manually shut-down ALL instances of Explorer using Task Manager).

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Already checked.

Does it fail to load on all folders in Explorer or just some folders?