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The first link in the knowledge base, named "Download old versions" tells me:

When your registration code is no longer valid for the most recent version of FileLocator Pro and you need to re-install an older version you will need to login to the MyAccount section of the web site: http://www.mythicsoft.com/login.aspx

So where do I find those? I clicked the link cited above, logged in successfully, can see my "Account details" and "Registrations". But I didn't found any older version.

Reason I want to downgrade is that just after the latest upgrade, I can't cancel any long searches, FileLocator Pro just doesn't respond any more. It is the 64-Bit version used on Windows Vista.

Btw, another minor glitch of 6.2 (Release Build 1254 - 2012.07.03.54051): if results of a search are displayed and I change to the "Text" tab, the highlighted text (yellow background) is garbled until I click into that text field.

Edit: Specifically I'm looking for version 6.0 (1236)

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After logging in find your registration in the registration list. Next to the registration there should be a link to the latest build which is valid for that registration.

With regard to the other issue you appear to be having, 64-bit Vista shouldn't be any problem at all. Please contact tech support (techsupport@mythicsoft.com) with information on how to reproduce the issue. Also, a screenshot of your 'garbled' text issue would be great.

For recent older versions of FileLocator Pro (e.g. Version 6.0 releases) you'll need to contact tech support.

Edit: The issues you mentioned in your question (ie problems cancelling searches and garbled text) have now been fixed in the latest version of FileLocator Pro (ie 6.2 Build 1260).

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May be my description wasn't clear enough.

I'm not looking for the most recent version, because I already installed that, a few days ago. This version 6.2 (build 1254) is giving me trouble. I have to kill it with the task-manager after every search, because it isn't responding to the system anymore.

Version 6.0 (build 1236) was doing fine, so I want to downgrade.

Knowledge base suggests that this is possible.

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