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I have just downloaded a copy of Agent Ransack and am very impressed, especially given the problems I've had with Windows 7 search.

Just one question, can you tell me how I can restrict searches to 'whole' words only when searching contents of files.

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1 Answer

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The Lite version doesn't have a specific Whole Word feature (it is in Pro version) but you can specify the word boundary with the < and > characters, for example to search for the whole word 'file':

Containing Text: <file>

Whole word Agent Ransack

Agent Ransack 2010 or earlier

You can simulate the feature using RegEx, e.g. when searching for 'word' use:


The \b in 'regex speak' means 'word boundary'. So, to search for a specific word only, e.g. file, you would do something like this:

alt text

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