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I'm currently updating a common shared drive over a corporate 1 gig fiber vpn connection from home to the file server at work. It's been running about 12 hrs at this point. It has over 14k files and is 20 gig in size. I've done this before with no problems and was able to continue to use my laptop but this update using newly installed FLP 8.2, build 2751 has used up all available free memory (8G) and has slowed down my laptop to the point that it's unusable for anything else.

What has changed to create such an impact on performance and can I change some parameters to prevent that in the future?

Thank you

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1 Answer

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Originally FileLocator Pro indexed files using a single thread, which although slower did reduce the demands on the system for large indexes. The number of threads can be customised in the Threads/Priority Settings, so to restore the indexing threads to the original settings try switching the threads from Medium to Low:

Index Threads Settings

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