How to search for shortcuts (Windows)

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how can I search only for shortcuts on my Win10 system?
I tried to use *.Ink in the file name folder, but my shortcuts were not found.

enter image description here

Due to the answer of the question
I could imagine to setup a Persistent Search Filter with my own File Name preset, where I define something like "shortcuts only". but I don't have these filter special options:

special options

How may I get this special select combo box between file name filter and case sensitive button?

asked Jan 15 by Mayoar (60 points)

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In your screenshot it looks like you have used Ink instead of lnk. Try this:

File name: *.lnk
answered Jan 15 by dave (55,310 points)
selected Jan 15 by Mayoar
Thanks for this hint, that was the reason.
Oh my god, how stupid am I? Sorry for the question.