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How do I schedule a task to update indexes?

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I have built an index that I regularly search and would like to update it on a daily basis, can I do that with FileLocator Pro?

asked 5 days ago by dave (53,670 points)

1 Answer

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FileLocator Pro does not have scheduling functionality built into it but you can use Windows Task Scheduler to accomplish the task. The key tool to update an index is the command line app flpidx.exe.

For example to update the index 'Emails' you could run:

flpidx.exe -name "Emails" -update

You can then use the Task Scheduler command line app Schtasks.exe to schedule the update for 1pm on a daily basis:

schtasks.exe /Create /TN "FLPro Email Update" /TR "'C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\FileLocator Pro\flpidx.exe' -name 'Emails' -update" /SC DAILY /ST 13:00 /RU user /IT 

Breaking down the parameters:

/Create     - Command to create a new task
/TN         - The task name
/TR         - The command to run, note the use of single quotes inside the double quotes
/SC         - The schedule, e.g. HOURLY, DAILY, WEEKLY etc.
/ST         - Start time
/RU         - User to run the task as (see User Accounts note below)
/IT         - Run only when user is logged in, alternatively you could use the /RP flag to specify the user's password

You can also use the Windows 'Task Scheduler' Desktop app to create/view/modify scheduled tasks.

User Accounts: Indexes are created or shared for specific user accounts so when updating an index it is important to run the update task as a user account which has been setup for the index. For example, if you try running the task as the Local System account it won't have an index configuration table, unless you specify -path, nor access to other account specific privileges such as network drives.

answered 5 days ago by dave (53,670 points)