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FLP8: Identify criteria that result in no matches

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I'm using a long list of criteria in a text file as the input to the Containing text field. The Reports tab (all report types) successfully shows the resultant matches.

However, I need to identify all criteria where there are no matches, ie hits = 0 against each relevant criteria.

Is it possible to enable this with a configuration switch or is it a feature request?

asked Aug 8, 2017 by bobm (1,100 points)
Presumably this would just be an adaption of the Keywords Summary Report but including keywords where the count is zero?
Yes, that should work.

1 Answer

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Best answer

There is not currently any report that would show that. I'll add it to our Issue Tracker as a feature request.

answered Aug 12, 2017 by dave (55,690 points)
selected Aug 21, 2017 by bobm