How do I search for a decimal number?

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I have used this regex formula

(^6|^6.[0-9]) (years| experience)

to search experience with year that start with 6 but I'm not sure this is right. Help?

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Try this:

(?<![0-9.])6(.[0-9]+)? years

This will match:

6 years
6.25 years
6.9 years

If you optionally want to search for the word experience as well add ( experience) at the end, e.g.

(?<![0-9.])6(.[0-9]+)? years( experience)?
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but it also shows like
5.6,0.6,.. etc
ah, yes. I've edited the answer to check the the preceding character is not a number or a decimal point.
Is it possible  to search for the file that contain text six years/experience  with your above code??
six years( experience)?