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I'm having trouble with searching a containing text with Agent Ransack on a network drive (it does not happen with the same directory structure on a local drive).


File name:
Containing Text: p120125a_add_splice_tray_fields
Look In:         Z:\sw43\pni430_custom\

with that search, I have 2 results.

If I do the same search but specifying the parent folder Z:\sw43, I,m not getting any results (Subfolders option is CHECKED).

It's a bit odd, as another example shows:

File name:
Containing Text: 
Look In:         Z:\sw43

Search Statistics shows a value for Checked as 47,821 but if I change the search to

File name:
Containing Text: splice
Look In:         Z:\sw43

Search Statistics shows a value for Checked as 2,620. Shouldn't they be the same value?

Also, to add to the weirdness if I switch OFF multi-threaded searching, the value increases to 6,338.

However, as I said this does NOT happen on a local drive.

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1 Answer

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Agent Ransack does not have any built-in limits for network drives and since this works on a local drive I assume the problem is with the network server (which you said was Samba on Linux). Check with the sys admin that there are not any throttling settings limiting you to the amount of data/open files you can query on the server.

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