[Feature Request] Search words in close proximity

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I would need some more advanced searches, i would like to search for two or more words with AND but to set proximity of this words in file, so i can for example find only those matches in a large php file where table name and word "delete" is no far away than 2 lines.

This way i could find probably all places where there is a delete command from specific table and skip all wrong results with only delete or table name, but not in the same query or belonging to other table or delete.

Of course this is only one example, it would be very powerful future for everyone who needs it, could potentially pin point search phases a lot faster.

As for how to add it to the UI, it could be just a checkbox option with text box specifying how far in lines the words should be.

What you think?

asked Sep 17, 2016 by tomtom99 (80 points)
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This option is available in FileLocator Pro using the NEAR keyword, e.g.

delete NEAR My_Table

If you want to specify a specify number of characters, e.g. 200

delete NEAR:200 My_Table
answered Sep 17, 2016 by dave (55,690 points)
selected Sep 18, 2016 by tomtom99
Thx, was using free version, time to change.