Enhancement: Filelist pane and filtering

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  1. Add to the file list pane a button to clear filter values "name", "location".
    a) Say next to existing toggle button to enable search results.
    b) Could replace existing "enable" toggle button if filter on/off setting is moved to File Locator settings.

  2. Add "history" drop-down to file list filter of previous values.
    a) Say button next to existing "enable" filter button.

  3. Use up/down arrows to scroll through name/location history. Use of arrow in one field affects values in-sync in both name/location fields.

asked Sep 6, 2014 by csalsa (50 points)

1 Answer

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Good points I'll add them to the Requested Feature List. FYI, if you hit Esc while in a filter field the field will be cleared.

answered Sep 6, 2014 by dave (55,690 points)